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Communications Committee
Position Name
Chair               Fran Lemieux
Member Darlene Hetman
Use the Contact Us page to send the Communications Committee a message. 
The Communications Committee has been established to create a means of communication within Millstone Creek for residents.
The committee will help disseminate information about our community among residents and property owners and play an integral role in the development of the community website and newsletter.
Property and Home Owners are encouraged to volunteer and participate in this committee. Your participation will help our community become more informed and let you have a voice in our community. Increased communication will lead to an improvement in the quality of Millstone Creek. Increased communication will also help owners gain access to detailed information about our community and its workings so you can be fully informed on what the POA fees are being used to fund.
ARC Committee
Position Name
Fran Lemieux 
Member Jon Hardy
Member Neil Jackson
Rich Manzolina
Member Ron Piercy
Use the Contact Us page to send the ARC Committee a message. 
The ARC Committee will be tasked with reviewing all Architectural Applications. Architectural approval is required to perform any exterior improvement to your home, this includes but is not limited to Landscaping, Storm Doors, Deck’s Awnings etc.  In order to maintain the integrity of the community and to ensure that all construction falls within the restrictions outlined in the Covenants and Restrictions for the development, all new construction plans as well as any plans for additions, pool construction, fence installation, remodels affecting home exteriors, etc. must be approved by our Architectural Review Committee PRIOR to the start of construction. Please review the Covenants and Restrictions available on the Documents & Forms link to understand the minimum requirements for construction. Then, submit your construction plans and material samples to the ARC using the form.
Landscape Committee
Position   Name
Chairman Terry Hanline
Member Robert Ramsey
Member Jelena Ramsey
Member Jim Balik
Member Jill Balik
Use the Contact Us page to send the Landscape Committee a message. 
The Landscape Committee will be tasked with assisting the Board in making decisions in regards to our community's landscape projects.
Social Committee
Position Name
Chairman Sharrie Daniels
Member Darlene Hetman
Member Kirsten Blanchard